RAICAM is a specialist in controlled torque transmission and attenuation, through the development of mechanical systems and high-performance tribological materials.

Examples of RAICAM’s
services include:

Optimised NVH torsional damping for DCT applications.

We are fully equipped to solve complex engineering problems, using a highly scientific and technologically advanced approach, which fully utilizes the vast experience and expertise available within the group.


Problems are objectively measured using precision acquisition equipment and advanced analysis methods, to ensure a thorough understanding of the issue under investigation. The physical system under investigation or development is then simulated taking into account basic, initial engineering principles, and 

Complete clutch by wire systems for enhanced vehicle efficiency and comfort quality.
Specific damping devices to enable cylinder-deactivation while avoiding critical NVH conditions.

correlated simulation models are used to define the most appropriate functional characteristics for optimum problem resolution. These functional characteristics are then used as design parameters ensuring that the most appropriate design and analysis methods are used to ensure an optimum design is produced in the most timely, cost effective manner possible.

At RAICAM, safety and driver comfort are major motivating forces.