Raicam is expert in controlled torque transmission and attenuation, through the development of mechanical and mechatronic systems, device for hybrid applications and high-performance tribological materials.

Government regulations and customer requirements are driving 3 key technology megatrends in the automotive industry, which will have specific implications to the current Clutch and Brake systems.

This market trends are:

  1. drive-by wire systems for the autonomous driving
  2. energy efficient systems, e.g. heat loss reduction, weight reduction
  3. electrified propulsion system, e.g. hybridised transmissions and regenerative braking

Emission and fuel consumption regulations are an essential driving force in the development of new technical solutions that reduce vehicles’ fuel consumption.

Raicam therefore is developing an electro hydraulic actuator and a 48 Volt hybrid module to satisfy the CO2 emissions/fuel consumption for 2020 requirements.