The blood Hound Project

Raicam - Bloodhound Project

The ‘Bloodhound’ project is global engineering project focussed on the design, development, and utilisation of a high speed vehicle, in an attempt to set a new land speed record of 1000mph. The project also aims to explore and showcase the engineering capabilities of all organisations involved in the project, as well as to inspire the next generation to consider engineering as a future career path.

Raicam is proud to be a partner in the Bloodhound project, and has engineered and provided a key component for use in the Bloodhound high speed vehicle. Specifically, Raicam have supplied the flywheel which is attached to a 550bhp, supercharged Jaguar V8 engine, which will be acting as an oxidiser pump for the rocket propulsion system in Bloodhound SSC.The hybrid rocket will use 40 kg of oxidiser every second, highlighting the sheer demand placed upon all components utilised within the system.

In addition, Raicam has also enrolled some of its own engineers on the Bloodhound ambassador program, in an effort to further promote engineering to the next generation. The fact that a Raicam engineered component has been selected for use in such a complex engineering venture is testament to the quality, advanced, pioneering nature of the products and services offered by Raicam as a whole. Raicam remains committed to investing in future engineering projects aimed at exploring engineering possibilities, and motivating others to become involved with disciplines associated with engineering, research, science and technology.

More info: www.bloodhoundssc.com/sponsors/raicam-clutch-ltd