Jaguar Land Rover eclutch Project


Raicam – Jaguar Land Rover: E-Clutch/Provoque Project

As a forward thinking automotive engineering organisation, Raicam continues to work closely with original equipment manufacturers to develop innovative automotive technology, leading to the improvement and refinement of vehicles on modern roads.Raicam has a key partnership with Jaguar Land Rover on the ‘Provoque’ project – a project funded by Innovate UK.

Within this project, Raicam and JLR are working together to develop the ‘E-Clutch’ system – this particular system is an electromechanical clutch release system, which aims to replace the mechanical release systems which are used in many vehicles at present. This electromechanical system brings many benefits to the overall driving experience, including a reduction in NVH (noise vibration harshness) when releasing the clutch, as well as a reduction in the pedal load experienced by the driver. In addition to these benefits which enhance overall driver experience, the E-Clutch system also reduces fuel consumption and emission levels, helping vehicles to comply with emission regulations, and helping to preserve the environment.

Currently, Raicam are developing and showcasing the E-Clutch system using the Range Rover Evoque platform, with the aim of developing and engineering it for use in many other vehicle platforms in the future.Raicam remains committed to developing state of the art automotive technology to improve and perfect vehicles worldwide.